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After days of bitching about the lack of shit to do in Ottawa, I decided to gather up my balls and investigate a store that held a beacon of promise (poetics). NORML Clothing. When I first read about it, honestly i was a bit suspicious considering the the caliber of retail I had seen out here in the past. When I actually visited their website I was instantly reassured. 

awning For the record, just in case you were wondering, NORML is legit, and I would go as far as to say OD Legit.

They have a sick selection that ranges from the super fresh to the hipster fresh to the hyped-up fresh to the partially-hood fresh. On top of that they have a good amount of other perks that take them from being just a store to becoming a cultural institution. Hahahahaha thats a slight exaggeration, but these guys have their stuff down.

Momentarily looking past the clothes I was more impressed by the store’s second floor. Any store can stock cool shit, but not all stores have an in house art gallery and additional pop-up shop-within-store.

waxingalleryWhen i got there the art space was being used for the Red Bull sponsored Wax museum, a show not only exhibiting artists from ottawa to spain but one that was raising money for charity.

uppopupAdjacent to the gallery was the NORML hosted upper playground pop up shop. I missed the one that sprung in New York so I was glad I got to catch this one. Im actually still tight I messed out the opportunity to get my COLLABO’ tee. collabo. collabo. collabo.

On the way downstairs i got he’pped to this jive cat…bear.

bearingtonMore on the bear in the VIDEO I FUCKING SHOT TODAY. WORD UP MOTHERFUCKER.

robisag1 This guy, Rob (protagonest of above picture) along with another guy, Josh (protagonist of my video) were chill with my journalistic meanderings, thanks dudes.



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December 31, 2008 at 11:54 pm


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This is pretty big news. I’ve thought about doing video interviews for a while  now but I never really had the time to set up for them or anything remotely close to that back in New York. Now i’m in Ottawa with fam for the holidays and, get this, about to go see MORE fam in the  city of TORONTO. B.t.dubs people, T.O.R.O.N.T.O. stands for “super-sick-video-making-city.”


I found out I was headed to Toronto and I flipped a total shit because on TOP of the fact that with all the free time the holiday season has afforded me I am (at least) able to TRY to crank out a couple of videos, transcribe some interviews, and maybe work on some art, Toronto could be like a “guest-backdrop” for all of my effort, what with its super cool trendishly hip, “never quite on par with NY”, scene I’ve been reading so much about lately.

Likewise I have decided not to cover Ottawa because, besides the magnificence of the  architectural detail of the Canadian parliament building, there’s actually nothing to cover as far as I know (hipster-core of Ottawa, hit me up if you think otherwise, until then, I hear ottawa is the heroin capitol of Canada too, stay clean if you know what I mean). 

Speaking of all of this coverage, exactly what ill be “covering” in Torontonia is somewhat mostly fashion related. Because its the part of worldwide fashion I know the most about (and thats not saying much btw), ill be looking to review the entire streetwear scene of Toronto through intensive examinations of six stores: five that are super-streetwear oriented and one that claims to be a skateshop. Check the list and wish me luck.







So in reality I haven’t really contacted the stores yet to check and see whether or not they’ll be receptive to THIS guy with a miniDV cam in tow trying to take pictures with his fucking cellphone, BUT I think ill wing it on that tip. 

What I WONT be winging is the conversatory content Ill be filling my video with because I really don’t want to be stranded in a store looking stupid with that camcorder like a japanese tourist in soho pointing at kidrobot. No hate to tourists or kidrobot btw.

So now im rehearsing the parts

and plotting a course through the jungle of Toronto’s back… allies I guess



Okay, okay, Ottawa deserves credit where credit is due before we go on giving Toronto too many props well also go to


because it actually looks like a legit place

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December 27, 2008 at 4:57 am

Fads™ goes to DQM pt.3

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This time around Stitches came for the journaltastic party again and it was a HOOT.


On the train we caught some pics of a dude melting into his seat but they came out too awkward to post. Ha.

We got to the old QM of D and after pleasantries and creeping out all of the staffers with my active microphone, Stitches and I noticed these two girls chilling on the checkered ‘L’ bench staring at an ecstatic twig trying on mad beanies.

It turned out the twig was a dude visiting from portland who went to school in London and the girls were the twig’s friends from PRATT. Now I think Pratt’s a cool place because a super skilled artist I know teaches there (yes we will be featuring him here sometime soon), but these girls were less than enthused about it. They “liked the school and all” but they were still getting used to it. One was from Portland and the other was from fuck-a-trucksville in Florida and I guess they were the only artsy people they knew before coming to Brooklyn so when they got here they banded together and decided to rebel against all of the art-faggotry (word? Chill. No homo son.) by wearing fleece-n-jeans-n-frowns together. Actually only one of them was frowning but thats cus she was sorta mucks and therefore getting no attention.

ANYWAY we met this guy, Ben, the new dude who was a skater that grew up to be an organic lettuce farmer, but one that went hardcore with the plows and whatever, the opposite of weekend warrior hipster farmers (Sami McMullet from sanfran, that means you). He’s actually writing a ballad of his conquests in Spain and thats why he would prefer to remain anonymous for the moment.

bensatenp.s. Those decks behind dude’s head aren’t just for show unlike at other lauded establishments, DQM actually has the best skate prices in the city. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and ask Ben if you see him.

p.s.again WE completely recorded everything that went on in that store from our conversation with the pratt girls to the life story of benny kickflip BUT THE SHIT DIDNT COME OUT.My mic works now but im worried about that haphazard recording naamean?

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December 24, 2008 at 1:05 am

History: Fads gets wired and chills with Chris the artiste

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Last last last friday, or whatever friday the black one was, I went downtown to get a mike so that I could finally start recording interviews. This was pretty crucial for the business because it’s been getting increasingly hard to roll into the same store multiple times claiming you’re working on a magazine and want to do interviews, especially if you don’t have anything to interview anyone with. Now we do.

I took the bridge downtown, first time pedestrianizing the manhattan and I have to say  its a bit more sketch than the williamsburg but not a big deal overall.

boardbridgeThat being said, the views definitely made the trip worth it,

crazycolony plus they have crazy latticework in the heights.

chillsonerelaxI wove through chinatown and soho to get my microphone, its beautiful but its failed me once already, elaboration later. 

Anyway, because I was in the area I rolled by BBC, in part because I read they were having an anniversary celebration, “yo pharrell, gimmie some free shit for your stores birthday”, but mostly bacause I wanted to get in touch with a dude that worked there. 

At the beginning of the summer, I was showing the place to some family friends from Vancouver and as we were leaving, this guy behind the ice cream counter started chatting with my dad complimented the t-shirt I made him for father’s day. Dude found out I was responsible for it and thought that was pretty crazy so he recommended we trade art tips in the future.

Because it was the future, I was at the store and talked to the guy, named Chris, again. My suggestion of a media alliance and interview went over well, so expect some more news on this dude and his outfit, “Rocketscience Labs” soon.


and thats the word, props to this guy.

p.s. I think Fads™ is going to invest in a camera for christmas, this new phone’s camera is completely  dicking my pictures in the ear so lets fds and solve that problem.

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December 21, 2008 at 4:08 am

FADS goes to Wealthy Hostage pt.1

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So in addition to writing about awesome stores we all know and love, we’ll also have an additional focus on stores in everyone’s favorite borough, Staten Island… except not really (its Brooklyn).

Thats why I took a small trip to a small spot on the big avenue of Church. Now Church av. itself is relatively loud and crowded with tons of stores all over including one that makes the best roti in brooklyn.

I’m sure that right now, somewhere around the world, seven Trinidadians and two Jamaicans are yelling at me about better places that serve west-Indian food but i really don’t care. I didn’t come from any island besides Manhattan, so Ram’s Roti is good enough.

Anyway across the street lies Wealthy Hostage.

Its a store that, if a williamsburgian rate of gentrification hit the area, probably wouldnt close within the year. Its a mostly streetwear place, but like all streetwear places, its slowly becoming more and more un-streetwear, if that makes any sense. So I stepped in, checked the stock and found my main man[ager] hard at work, these guys dont play.

So they were mad cool AND cool with future interviews, In FACT, this dude even hooked me up with some free magazines before i split, ironic, but very much appreciated, so thanks.

“couple blocks to the subway and im gone, so either love or leave me alone” – jay-z, i think

[update] apparently its wasnt jay-z originally but some nubian dude…

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October 4, 2008 at 1:48 pm

Fads goes to Dave’s Quality Meat pt.1

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Stitches and I went to DQM after classes last friday to check out the newly-renovated store and to see about scheduling interviews with the crew over there. Well as it turned out, we managed to get much more than that because as soon as we stepped in, lifesaver extraordinaire Massan (experienced DQM employee) rolled in with lunch, and saved us two aspiring-journalist-entrepreneurs from idling around the store like broke fashion obsessives. Dude recognized me from the Friday before, when I came there to check out the stores re-opening, and waved us outside were he and Carl (experiencing DQM employee) were getting ready to eat. Needless to say we were enthused as hell to luck out like that, so we started talking to them about how they got involved with the store and their other endeavors in life (more on all of that in FADS Issue1).

But for right now we want to thank them for taking the time to impart knowledge and (heads up dudes) if its cool we’ll be back for photography and more of your thoughts on stuff.

p.s. while i was typing this my browser crashed but because it was firefox it restored EVERY SINGLE WINDOW AND TAB and even the text in this post. wow.


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September 21, 2008 at 9:15 pm