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Stitches and I went to DQM after classes last friday to check out the newly-renovated store and to see about scheduling interviews with the crew over there. Well as it turned out, we managed to get much more than that because as soon as we stepped in, lifesaver extraordinaire Massan (experienced DQM employee) rolled in with lunch, and saved us two aspiring-journalist-entrepreneurs from idling around the store like broke fashion obsessives. Dude recognized me from the Friday before, when I came there to check out the stores re-opening, and waved us outside were he and Carl (experiencing DQM employee) were getting ready to eat. Needless to say we were enthused as hell to luck out like that, so we started talking to them about how they got involved with the store and their other endeavors in life (more on all of that in FADS Issue1). But for right now we want to thank them for taking the time to impart knowledge and (heads up dudes) if its cool we’ll be back for photography and more of your thoughts on stuff. p.s. while i was typing this my browser crashed but because it was firefox it restored EVERY SINGLE WINDOW AND TAB and even the text in this post. wow. -Sulky


Written by FADS Administration

September 16, 2008 at 7:51 pm

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