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History: Fads gets wired and chills with Chris the artiste

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Last last last friday, or whatever friday the black one was, I went downtown to get a mike so that I could finally start recording interviews. This was pretty crucial for the business because it’s been getting increasingly hard to roll into the same store multiple times claiming you’re working on a magazine and want to do interviews, especially if you don’t have anything to interview anyone with. Now we do.

I took the bridge downtown, first time pedestrianizing the manhattan and I have to say  its a bit more sketch than the williamsburg but not a big deal overall.

boardbridgeThat being said, the views definitely made the trip worth it,

crazycolony plus they have crazy latticework in the heights.

chillsonerelaxI wove through chinatown and soho to get my microphone, its beautiful but its failed me once already, elaboration later. 

Anyway, because I was in the area I rolled by BBC, in part because I read they were having an anniversary celebration, “yo pharrell, gimmie some free shit for your stores birthday”, but mostly bacause I wanted to get in touch with a dude that worked there. 

At the beginning of the summer, I was showing the place to some family friends from Vancouver and as we were leaving, this guy behind the ice cream counter started chatting with my dad complimented the t-shirt I made him for father’s day. Dude found out I was responsible for it and thought that was pretty crazy so he recommended we trade art tips in the future.

Because it was the future, I was at the store and talked to the guy, named Chris, again. My suggestion of a media alliance and interview went over well, so expect some more news on this dude and his outfit, “Rocketscience Labs” soon.


and thats the word, props to this guy.

p.s. I think Fads™ is going to invest in a camera for christmas, this new phone’s camera is completely  dicking my pictures in the ear so lets fds and solve that problem.


Written by Sulky

December 21, 2008 at 4:08 am

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  1. inteviewing people already? When’s issue 1 due?


    December 23, 2008 at 10:22 pm

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