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A History Lesson: Fads goes to the Banksy Farm

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All of this is like, half a month late, hahaha.

 Banksy was in New York last month and set off a bunch of unadulterated unexpectedness. Not that anyone expected anything else. But anyway, from that unexpectedness jumped The Village Pet Store and Grill (Henceforth referred to as Banksy Farm) and since I’d never seen any banksy stuff in person, I wanted to investigate.


I won’t go into extreme detail about Banksy but I will tell you something that happened on my way to the Banksy Farm, and you dont often hear Brooklynites saying this, but I got lost. Two times. That’s embarrassing. Because everyone has stuff to do in the city, people from the other boroughs take pride in the fact that they know the geography of wherever they’re from in addition to that of manhattan. I dont know if it’s the result of some sort of locationary inferiority complex (or if “locationary” is even a word) but I feel like i’m not doing my job as a smart american if i loose my way around a city that has a crazily expansive subway system. But really, holy fuck. Since when is there a south seventh avenue? The first time I tried finding the pet store I got all chafy and wind frozen at seventh and fifteenth street and the second time I walked halfway to broadway from west fourth before circling around and finally getting to where i wanted to go. Was I kidding myself? Dude, FDS. What’s worse, this billboard popped up out of nowhere as I was walking east on houston. Thanks Banks, way to be a jerk (just to clarify, banksy, if you’re reading this, that was a joke).


So yeah, i got there but my phone was out of battery so I got no pics taken and had to wait till my next visit to write about it. As you can see from the pic at the top, I made it back on halloween and there was a ridiculous line for no reason, the reason being that it was the shop’s last hour of existence. Wow. I wasn’t the last one in the store, but I definitely was the last one out and I happen to be very proud of that fact. Thats no bullshitting. On the reals yo. Word. Dead ass. I was like, mad hype and shit, ‘cus like, stuff was crazy yo. It was OD like Jesus on crack. Bam.

Ill write the rest  later because I wanna get a post up before my fucking birthday.


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