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Way to be THAT GUY…

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…People who read gun magazines in public. I’m not saying you can’t or shouldn’t do it, I mean everyone has a hobby and marksmanship is one the oldest and most influential ones the world has ever known. Hunting with bows & arrows sustained ancient civilizations and, to this day, wars fought using all sorts of missile-based weapons have defined the present era as we know it. However, If people see you reading handgun magazine in the corner of the tiny, little, cramped box of space that happens to be a NYC subway car, nobody will EVER want to pat you on the back for defining history, much less making them uncomfortable. This guy got lucky though. At least he didnt put himself in a situation as equally awkward as this bald, middle-aged, depressed looking man did, reading sex for dummies one day in a particularly crowded car on the 2. Tons of funny looks and angered mothers of small childeren (the book was illustrated). To end on a positive note though, if you keep it off the train, more people will like you, but if you dont, you keep New York the way it is. Thats a win/win by the way so everything’s cool, don’t worry about it.


Written by Sulky

November 1, 2008 at 8:00 pm

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