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FADS goes to Wealthy Hostage pt.1

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So in addition to writing about awesome stores we all know and love, we’ll also have an additional focus on stores in everyone’s favorite borough, Staten Island… except not really (its Brooklyn).

Thats why I took a small trip to a small spot on the big avenue of Church. Now Church av. itself is relatively loud and crowded with tons of stores all over including one that makes the best roti in brooklyn.

I’m sure that right now, somewhere around the world, seven Trinidadians and two Jamaicans are yelling at me about better places that serve west-Indian food but i really don’t care. I didn’t come from any island besides Manhattan, so Ram’s Roti is good enough.

Anyway across the street lies Wealthy Hostage.

Its a store that, if a williamsburgian rate of gentrification hit the area, probably wouldnt close within the year. Its a mostly streetwear place, but like all streetwear places, its slowly becoming more and more un-streetwear, if that makes any sense. So I stepped in, checked the stock and found my main man[ager] hard at work, these guys dont play.

So they were mad cool AND cool with future interviews, In FACT, this dude even hooked me up with some free magazines before i split, ironic, but very much appreciated, so thanks.

“couple blocks to the subway and im gone, so either love or leave me alone” – jay-z, i think

[update] apparently its wasnt jay-z originally but some nubian dude…


Written by Sulky

October 4, 2008 at 1:48 pm

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  1. I really miss Brooklyn! Good luck with the magazine and it’s progress.


    October 14, 2008 at 9:24 pm

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